5 Ways the AZ-305 Microsoft Certified Solution Architect Course Can Boost Your Career

To celebrate the release of my latest training course for Microsoft Press - Exam AZ-305 Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions, I decided to look into exactly why anybody should bother getting the Azure AZ-305 accreditation in the first place!

Microsoft certifications have always been highly regarded in the IT industry, and the AZ-305 Microsoft Certified Solution Architectcourse is no exception. This certification focuses on preparing IT professionals to design and implement Microsoft Azure-based solutions, which are increasingly in demand due to the rapid growth of cloud computing. In this article, we will explore five ways that earning the AZ-305 certification can give your career a significant boost, with a focus on actual figures from the US and UK.

  1. Enhanced Credibility and Recognition: Having a Microsoft Certified Solution Architect badge on your resume instantly sets you apart from your peers. In a 2020 survey conducted by Global Knowledge, 90% of IT decision-makers in the US reported that certified team members provide added value above and beyond the cost of certification. By earning the AZ-305 certification, you demonstrate your expertise in Azure solutions and your commitment to staying current with the latest technologies, leading to increased credibility and trust from employers, colleagues, and clients.

  2. Improved Career Prospects: The demand for cloud computing experts is growing exponentially. In the US, job postings for Azure-related roles increased by 62% from 2018 to 2021, and in the UK, the number of Azure-related jobs increased by 89% between 2019 and 2021. By completing the AZ-305 certification, you become an attractive candidate for a variety of roles, including solution architect, cloud architect, and IT consultant, opening doors to new opportunities and accelerating your career progression.

  3. Access to a Strong Professional Network: The Microsoft Certified Solution Architect community is a vibrant and active group of professionals who are passionate about Azure and cloud computing. By joining this network, you gain access to exclusive resources, events, and networking opportunities, which can help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry, as well as connect with like-minded individuals who can support and guide you in your career.

  4. Higher Salary Potential: According to various industry surveys and reports, certified professionals often enjoy higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts. In the US, the average salary for a Microsoft Certified Solution Architect is $128,000 per year, while in the UK, the average salary is £70,000 per year. Completing the AZ-305 certification can improve your earning potential, as it demonstrates your expertise and commitment to professional development.

  5. Continuous Learning and Growth: The IT landscape is constantly evolving, and professionals must stay current to remain competitive in the job market. The AZ-305 Microsoft Certified Solution Architect course encourages continuous learning and growth, as it requires you to maintain your certification through regular renewal and updates. This ensures that you are always up-to-date with the latest Azure technologies and best practices, allowing you to deliver the most effective and efficient solutions for your clients and employers.

Investing in the AZ-305 Microsoft Certified Solution Architect course can pay significant dividends for your career, especially when considering the actual figures from the US and UK. It not only validates your skills and knowledge, but it also helps you stand out in a competitive job market, access a strong professional network, and enjoy higher salary potential. If you are looking to advance your career in cloud computing and Azure, the AZ-305 certification is an excellent choice to consider.