HTML and CSS For Everyone!

Web Development seems to many non-techies as a black art.

A core skill for any web developer is HTML and CSS – the ‘languages’ used to build websites and an increasing number of mobile apps.

But what if I were to tell you then these two skills – HTML and CSS – are actually becoming key for EVERYONE in business?

The world today is centered around communications –email, social media, blogs and more. But to be heard in the noise of mass information your’s needs to standout.

If you regularly send marketing emails, manage a blog or social media account, then HTML and CSS is a must have skill – as only with an understanding of these can you hope to build something appealing and eye catching.

Because HTML and CSS are often considered a ‘programming language’ – many shy away.

Learning the basic core skills to create stunning material using HTML and CSS is actually very easy – if you have learned how to use Word or Excel – then you can learn this!

Just think what you could do if you mastered the basics? Create awesome emails to your customers, tweak your company’s or your personal WordPress site, speak on par with your technical teams, create a stunning personalised resume website!

Business today demands and ever increase skill base – and if HTML and CSS aren’t at the top of the list of things to learn in 2016 – they should be!

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